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Total Compression
10440 North Central EXPY
Suite 1010
Dallas, Texas 75231

Phone: 214.360.7222
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Total owns operates and maintains rental compression fleet, rental vapor recovery units (“VRU”) and provides third party operation and maintenance services in Texas and New Mexico. Experienced sales, parts, mechanics and technicians staff each field service location, providing exceptional service to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Our Midland, Texas, location also includes fabrication facilities, allowing Total to perform overhauls in addition to supporting field operations.

Total is dedicated to delivering quality reciprocating, screw and rotary gas compressor rental packages, vapor recover units (VRUs”) and professional field services to the oil and gas industry.

Total’s mission is to apply our high standard for efficiency, reliability and support. Our technical and operational expertise allows us to offer our customers the resources and service they need to be profitable in a highly competitive market.